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“Yates Baker McLean was based at the Bathurst Business Centre for our first year of operating in Bathurst. By being located at the Business Centre it allowed us time to develop a client base and build relationships with key contacts in town without having to commit to large costs such as purchasing premises and employing reception staff.

The Business Centre has professional office space with state of the art board room facilities which allowed us to host business meetings with ease. The Centre staff were very accommodating and helpful during our tenancy and were able to provide a high level of service to our staff and clients that we would not have been able to offer without a large expense which we wished to avoid in our first year of operation in a new town.

Yates Baker McLean would have no hesitation in recommending to any business the benefits of the Bathurst Business Centre, be it to rent a room or to hire the Centre’s facilities such as their board room. YBM is very thankful to the management and staff of the Centre for all their help and support during our first year in Bathurst. We believe this contributed to us succeeding and being in a position to be able to expand our business operation to new premises and continue to grow our firm.”

– Brad Evans, Yates Baker McLean Bathurst

Yates Baker McLean

“Hynash Constructions and TPEC Demolitions were based at the Bathurst Business Centre for two and a half years. We were previously running two businesses from home which was difficult and we needed more space to develop a larger client base. With the growth of both businesses the Bathurst Business Centre was ideal because it was a package deal; we didn’t have to worry about furnishing a premises or dealing with any other start up costs associated with buying an office space. The central location and access to a meeting room was also great for meeting with clients and suppliers, it was also more professional than working from home.

The professional staff at the Centre were able to provide a high level of service to our staff and clients. They were also really helpful and able to take on any secretarial work we may have had. We are very grateful to the staff for all their support during our time at Bathurst Business Centre.”

– Kristy Hewitt, Hynash Constructions & TPEC Demolition

Hynash TPEC Demolitions

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